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The Heart Tech Plus System combines smart technology with robust software that works together to simultaneously measure, track and correlate a member or student’s health data. This allows instructors, trainers, coaches and PE teachers to assist members/students with achieving individual results during group fitness activity.

By showing each participant's data live on a big display instructors can more effectively teach their class and students are able to make the necessary changes to achieve the most efficient workout for them.

The Heart Tech Plus platform works with EKG-accurate optical sensors worn on the arm rather than the chest. This wearable technology not only helps users to reach and maintain their goals—it also promotes participation.


  • Fitness Monitor measuring Heart Rate, Steps and Cycling Cadence​

  • NO CHEST STRAP NECESSARY- Comfortable armband fits forearm or bicep, increasing usability and accuracy​

  • Powered by Valencell’s PerformTek® biometric sensor technology​

  • Ant+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible Dual-Mode Processor

  • Waterproof (IP68 Rated)


The live biofeedback allows each individual to see what is happening inside their own body and motivates members to work harder, faster and longer, while the data storage capabilities make it possible for members to track their progress.

The Heart Tech Plus web portal will store data securely using a HIPPA compliant structure. Users can review their recorded fitness metrics and customized reports, showing weeks or months of data; this allows users to track progress toward fitness goals, anytime and anywhere.


The Heart Tech Plus platform can show data from as many people as are in your class—the only choice you need to make is the size of your display.

No need to stay indoors, the Heart Tech Plus platform is designed to be completely mobile and wireless, allowing you to take your fitness group outside to enjoy any activity. Even without WiFi the system can display and store live biofeedback for your students.

Participants become more engaged in their workouts as they get the real time biofeedback needed to train effectively. Members/students will see their achievements and get credit for their efforts. As data accumulates, continuous adjustments of health and fitness goals can be made.