We provide customer service support with your subscription of the Heart Tech Plus system, including initial system set-­up. For additional customer service support please review our video tutorials at (insert direct link here). You can also contact HTP at 1-­877-­456-­3198 or info@hearttechplus.com.
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The HTP Platform comes with all necessary heart rate hardware and license. The school will need to provide an iPad to run the HTP App on and if the teacher/instructor wishes to display the heart rate they will need to provide a projector or TV. Some examples of displays include:
  • Wireless: Apple TV to display (projector, television monitor)
  • Direct connect: HDMI to display (projector, television monitor)
Each system is set-­up according to the unique needs of the individual facility, contact us at 1-­877-­456-­3198 for a quick quote.
The HTP system will accommodate any open system technology that broadcasts ANT+.
The Heart Tech Plus system can handle as many people as you would like. You have the ability to display this data in a number of ways-­ iPad, television monitor, projector, etc. The group of tiles are designed to fill your display screen, so factors such as number of students in the class and size of the display will affect the size of each individual tile.
Yes, we have found the forearm sensors, in some instances, are a more comfortable choice. The HTP Platform comes standard with the Rhythm+ heart rate sensor so you are not sacrificing accuracy for comfort. Although, as mentioned before, the HTP Platform can accommodate any sensor that has the capability to broadcast ANT+.
No, it is not necessary to purchase a separate sensor for every student or member in your gym. We have developed a method that allows you to share the sensors among students and members, as long as you have enough sensors for each class. We do recommend, if using the sensors for back-­to-­back classes, that you purchase additional straps for hygienic purposes. This will allow you to provide the next class with a clean and dry strap.
Place the straps inside a laundry bag when washing with a washing machine. Dry on low or hang to dry. Straps can also be washed by hand with a small amount of soap.
Absolutely! The HTP Hub can act as a system hotspot allowing you to collect information from the sensors while students/members are outside running, playing football, doing CrossFit, etc. The HTP system operates as a mobile system as long as there is a clear line of site and the hub is within approximately 60 yards of the sensors. All data collected from the classes in hotspot mode will download to the web portal the next time you connect to WiFi.
Definitely. Any sensor that broadcasts Ant+ is compatible with the HTP system.
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