Generally, when people sign up for a group workout class, they want and expect to receive individual attention. When individual fitness metrics get put into the hands of an instructor it becomes possible to personalize a group workout class and to coach their members based on the information they are seeing. Having the opportunity to view and assess the member’s data provides members with the service they are looking for. This individual attention can take a fitness program from good to great.

Instructors also have access to group and individual reports, making it possible to further personalize their program for members. Building this instructor/member relationship has statistically proven to build bigger classes with better results and less attrition.

When people track their data consistently it becomes more than just numbers and they learn about their personal fitness, including what works best for them. When people start seeing results they are encouraged to stick with a program. By keeping your members engaged and consistent and taking them to their next level of fitness you can successfully reinvent your fitness program.